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Forms Approved under the Land Administration Act 1997

The Department of Lands administers a number of forms in relation to Crown land administration and management, which are approved by the Director General under section 278 of the Land Administration Act 1997 (LAA).  There are different type of forms for different purposes, and some of the forms that might be relevant to the public are published below.  Landgate, which maintains the State's official register of land ownership will not accept any other forms involving Crown land than those approved by the Director General of the Department of Lands under s278 of the LAA.


Forms used in the process of compulsory acquiring land through taking pursuant to Parts 9 and 10 of the LAA 

Some government agencies have the power to compulsorily acquire and take land or interests in land (Compulsory Acquisition) under their own enabling legislation in accordance with Parts 9 & 10 of the LAA.  Other government agencies have the power of Compulsory Acquisition under a delegation under section 159 of the LAA of the Minister for Lands' powers under Parts 9 & 10 of the LAA.

These agencies are:

  • Department of Finance

      Building Management & Works

      Public Utilities Office

  • Main Roads
  • Public Transport Authority WA
  • Department of Water
  • Department of Transport
  • Western Australian Planning Commission

Two of the forms that are needed in the process of Compulsory Acquisition are a Notice of Intention to Take Interests in Land (NOITT) and a Taking Order.  There are different types of NOITTs and Taking Orders for different situations.  More information about these forms and changes that have been made to them can be obtained by outside agencies who have the power of compulsory acquisition from the Department of Lands, by emailing

Listed below are details of the NOITTs and Taking Orders that will most commonly be required by agencies with the power of compulsory acquisition.


Notices of Intention to Take Land (sections 170 and 171 of the LAA)



Taking Orders (sections 177 & 178 LAA) 


Road Dedication

Main Roads has the power to acquire land to declare roads and highways. LAA Form 1046 allows Main Roads to lodge dedication orders directly at Landgate under delegations from the Minister for Lands, where private land has been acquired for road purposes.





Further Information 

If you have any queries in relation to any of the forms or their use please contact or our customer inquiry team on 6552 4400.