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Rangeland Condition


Looking after the rangeland is integral to pastoral land management and pastoral lessees are obliged to sustainably manage the rangeland in a way that promotes pastoral potential.

The Minister for Lands and Pastoral Lands Board are responsible for ensuring that lessees meet their obligations and that pastoral land is managed in an ecologically sustainable manner.

See below for Pastoral Lands Board information about the proposed monitoring program.

Monitoring Program

The department is exploring different ways satellite imagery could be accessed by and distributed to land managers. The department is looking at how the information derived from the imagery might fit into a regulatory framework over pastoral leases. Implementation of a new monitoring system may require changes to the Land Administration Act 1997.


Voluntary Rangeland Monitoring

Where a rangeland condition issue has been identified on a lease, the Pastoral Lands Board may direct the lessee to demonstrate improvement within a given timeframe. In order to demonstrate improvement, the lessee must provide evidence.
The Rangeland Condition Monitoring (RCM) methodology is an option for lessees to use to demonstrate improvement to the satisfaction of the Board. 

The methods for installing sites in the shrublands and the grasslands are provided below.



Further information

For more information please contact the Pastoral Lands Unit at or on +61 8 6552 4574.