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Pastoral Leases text on image of rock arch
Under the Land Administration Act 1997, both the Minister for Lands and the Pastoral Lands Board have separate and specific powers. The Department of Lands' Pastoral Land Unit provides operational support and advice in regards to pastoral lease administration for both the Minister and the Board.

Pastoral Lands Board

The administration of Western Australia's pastoral leases is the joint responsibility of the Pastoral Lands Board and the Minister for Lands. Find out about the Pastoral Lands Board's functions, meeting dates and more.

Pastoral Purposes Framework

Here you will find a guide to activities that can be undertaken on a Pastoral Lease

Pastoral Lease Renewal

On 1 July 2015 all eligible Western Australian pastoral leases that met renewal conditions were renewed. Here you'll find information about the renewal process, background and outcomes.

Rangeland Condition

Looking after the rangeland is integral to pastoral land management.  See here for information about monitoring pastoral rangeland.

Part 7, Division 5 permits

Here you will find introductory information regarding permits for pastoral and non-pastoral use available under the Land Administration Act 1997. Find out about what permits are available, the application process, approval required, your obligations, and native title.

Guidelines, Policies and Publications

Here you will find the guidelines, policies and publications relating to pastoral leases.




   Pastoral Purposes   Framework

     Image of trees and pasture