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Working in partnership with government, industry and community organisations, the department administers and provides assistance and advice on a range of matters related to State (Crown) land throughout Western Australia

*Please note the Crown Land Practice Manual is no longer available. Please direct your specific query to

Acts and Regulations

Find out about the relevant legislation relating to the management of State land.

Appeals and Compensation

Find out about the right of appeals to the Governor, and how land acquisition in Western Australia can give way to a claim for compensation.

Compulsory Acquisition

Land in Western Australia can be compulsorily bought back or received by State or local government and a variety of statutory authorities for a public work. Find out about the legislation, procedures and practices involved.

Contaminated Sites

Find out about the legislation governing contaminated State land in Western Australia. Information on identifying, remediation and management of contaminated land is also available here.

Crown land enquiry form

The form is used for enquiries about purchasing Crown land, leasing Crown land, roads, reserves, easements and other uses. 


Crown land use for events and functions

If you are proposing to hold an event or function on Crown land, which includes land used for pastoral purposes, an approval is required before you proceed.



Find out about the legislation, procedures and practices involved in the creation and removal of easements over Crown (State) land in Western Australia.

Environmental Hazard Control

Find out about environment hazard control on State land and unmanaged reserves in Western Australia, including fire, vermin and weed control.


All fees payable to the Department of Planning, Lands and Heritage for land administration can be found in Schedule 1 of the Land Administration Regulations 1998.

Find out about fees applicable for the preparation of documents which came into effect on 1 July 2017 here.

If you require more information please contact us.

Native Title

Aboriginal parties have special rights to use unallocated State land for traditional purposes, except to the degree restricted by any valid law. Find out about Native Title legislation as well as the validation and effects of past acts.

Rangelands Reform

Western Australia's Rangelands make up 87% of the State, representing a huge asset which should be unlocked for the benefit all Western Australians.


Repeals, Transitionals, Savings and Validation

Find out about the repeals, transitionals, savings and validation caused to other Acts by the introduction of the Land Administration Act 1997 in Western Australia.


Find out about the creation and administration of reserves in Western Australia, the role we play and the legislation governing these reserves. Additional information on procedures and practices can also be found here.


Find out more about roads in Western Australia, the legislation governing these roads and the role we play in road creation, closure and disposal. Additional procedures and practices relating to our roads can also be found here.

Leases and licences

Find out about the legislation, procedures and practices involved in the sale or lease of State land in Western Australia. Information on licences and profits รก prendre is also provided here.

A range of brochures have been produced relating to State land management: