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Water for Food


Water for Food is a key component of the State government's $350 million Seizing the Opportunity Agriculture initiative, funded through Royalties for Regions. The Water for Food program aims to accelerate water and land investigations and assessments across the State. It is intended to stimulate and create new irrigation precincts and expand opportunities from the Kimberley to the Great Southern.

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Land Tenure Pathway Irrigated Agriculture Project


Securing higher land tenure such as freehold or long term leasehold can provide an opportunity for a proponent to attract investment and allow land use diversification into intensive irrigated agriculture, which will stimulate economic development in projects across Western Australia.

The Land Tenure project will provide a policy framework and develop products around robust and replicable land tenure options, and will feature a gateway approach that requires proponents to adhere to pre agreed conditions before proceeding to the next step.

A comprehensive information package will be developed to assist potential proponents develop intensive agriculture on Crown land, including portions of Crown land with existing interests, unallocated Crown land and Reserves. The package will assist proponents to understand opportunities, risks, timeframes and costs associated with applications as well as processes they will undergo.

The package will also contain the tools required to obtain government approvals and licences with guides to negotiate Native Title, Aboriginal heritage and associated considerations

It is anticipated the package will be available June 2016.

For further information on the Land Tenure Pathway for Irrigated Agriculture take a look at our Land Tenure Pathway information flyer.


Water for Food West Kimberley


The Water for Food West Kimberley program is a joint venture between the Department of Water and the Department of Lands and comprises four complementary and interrelated sub-projects.

•             Mowanjum Pastoral Lease Irrigation Trial

•             Knowsley Agricultural Area Water Investigation

•             Fitzroy Valley Groundwater Investigation, and the

•             Land Tenure Options Project

Collaboratively the sub-projects will develop pathways for the conversion of areas of Crown land (subject to proponents securing required agreements and approvals at their cost) into alternative forms of land tenure, to allow for third party investment and underpin industry development in the north of the State.

The Department of Lands is the lead agency responsible for all activities regarding Crown land tenure and Crown land assembly.

The Department of Water is the lead agency responsible for the groundwater and supply options investigations as well as the coordination of the program in general.

For more information and fact sheets on the Water for Food program please see the Water for Food website.

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