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Licences for access to Crown land

for the purpose of events and other activities


When do I need a licence?

A licence may be required if you are proposing to hold an event or conduct an activity over Crown land. The type of licence or other approval that may be required depends on the location of the Crown land to which you require access, as well as the type and length of the event or activity.


Where do I get the licence from?

In most cases, a licence to access Crown land would be issued by the Department of Lands (DoL), under section 48 or 91 of the Land Administration Act 1997 (LAA).  However, in some cases, a licence or approval might be issued by a Local Government, Main Roads Western Australia or another body managing Crown land. Please see below for more details on how to obtain the right licence or approval.


How do I know if my event or activity is on Crown land?

If you are unsure if the location of your proposed event or activity is on Crown land, your first step is to contact Landgate to identify the owner or management body of the land. This can be done by calling Landgate Customer Service on 1300 556 224, visiting Landgate's website or in person at the Landgate Office, at 1 Midland Square, Midland.

  • If the land is private or freehold, then you will need to contact the owner of that land.
  • If the land is Crown land, please see below some of the most common types of Crown land and the bodies, authorities or land owners responsible for granting a licence or approval to access.


​Type of land​Responsible body
​Managed reserves​Relevant management body
Unmanaged reserves​Department of Lands
​Unallocated Crown land​Department of Lands
​Pastoral leases​Department of Lands
​Crown leases​Department of Lands
​Roads​Local government
​Roads (Major)​Main Roads Western Australia


Please note: If the proposed event or activity is on Crown land that is owned or in the care, control or management of a number of land owners, bodies or authorities, then you may need a separate licence or approval from each land owner, body or authority. 


More information on the types of Crown land
  1. Managed Reserves
    For use of land that comprises managed reserves, the applicant should contact the respective management body in the first instance. For example, this could be a Local Government, the Department of Parks and Wildlife or an Aboriginal corporation.
  2. Unmanaged Reserves 
    With respect to unmanaged reserves, the applicant is to contact DoL (contact details below).
  3. Unallocated Crown Land
    The applicant is to contact DoL (contact details below).
  4. Pastoral leases
    Pastoral lessees of Crown land can only use the Crown land for pastoral purposes and in accordance with any permit.  It will depend on the nature of the event as to whether the pastoral lessee can authorise the conduct of the event or activity over the leased area, as pastoral lessees do not have the authority to permit or authorise non-pastoral activities on the land. The applicant is to contact DoL in the first instance (contact details below).
  5. Crown Leases
    With respect to Crown lessees, it will depend on the nature of the event or activity and the designated purpose of the particular lease as to whether the lessee can authorise the conduct of the event or activity over the leased area. The applicant is to contact DoL in the first instance (contact details below).
  6. Roads
    The applicant should contact the road management authority which in most instances is the Local Government, or Main Roads Western Australia for major roads.
  7. Major Roads
    The applicant is to contact Main Roads Western Australia for use of land that comprises major roads.


How do I apply for a licence from the Department of Lands?

If you have determined that DoL is responsible for the Crown land on which you want to hold your event or activity, then you need to contact DoL to check whether you need to apply for a licence to access or use the land. All applications need to be submitted together with a completed application form, which can be found in the links below.

  • For functions, competitions, concerts and other public events, please use this form: Application form - Events
  • For all other activities, including site inspections, exploration, surveys and collection of flowers, please use this form: Application form - General



Tips that will assist you in a successful and timely application:

  • Please submit your application at least 3 months prior to date(s) on which the event or activity is to take place.
  • Please provide as much information as possible to ensure timely processing of your application.
  • Please obtain and provide all documents (including approvals, permits and licences) that may help in the assessment of your application.


Important information:

  • The submission of this application does not in itself grant the right to access Crown land, and DoL reserves the right to decline any application.
  • This application is solely seeking the grant of short term access to Crown land that DoL is responsible for.
  • It is your responsibility to consult with all other relevant agencies, bodies, authorities and adjoining land owners as to their requirements for the event or proposed activity, and to obtain all other licences, permits and approvals required by that owner and/or agency, body and authority to hold the event or undertake the proposed activity.
  • Event organisers should be aware that DoL will require the event organiser to take out a public liability insurance policy and that such insurance shall include the interests of the State of Western Australia.
  • DoL will require that adequate levels of planning, liaison and co-ordination for events are in place and are documented including emergency plans risk management and response procedures and that the event organiser liaise with all relevant authorities and agencies including Eventscorp, the local government and any local emergency management committee in the development of such procedures and arrangements.
  • Licences granted by DoL require the payment of a fee. The fee might vary, depending on the extent of DoL's involvement in the assessment, review, documentation and inspection of the site.


If you have any questions or need help with your application, the application form or the process, please contact DoL and ask for the Regional Team responsible for the area within which your proposed event or activity is to take place.

Map of Western Australian regions  


Department of Lands, Regional and Metro Services


Telephone: +61 8 6552 4400




Department of Lands

Regional and Metropolitan Services

PO Box 1143

West Perth WA 6872


For further information regarding event approvals, support or advice, please visit Tourism WA's Eventscorp website.


Unauthorised use of Crown land is an offence!






Application to access Crown land (Events)


Application to access Crown land (General)