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On Wednesday 10 April 2013, the Premier announced changes to a range of government departments including the creation of a new Department of Lands, effective from 1 July 2013.  A key reason for this change is to ensure the highest levels of integrity are maintained in negotiations and processes involved in the selling, leasing, transfer of ownership and administration of Crown land.

For some time it has been recognised that the administrative systems and work practices underpinning many of the land administration processes need to be updated.  The creation of a separate Department of Lands will ensure that the introduction of new systems and contemporary practices are given priority.

The Department of Lands is an agency with a clear agenda: to provide responsible management of the State’s Crown land and pastoral estates to better benefit all Western Australians.  As the lead agency with responsibility for 92% of the land in Western Australia, we are uniquely placed to make this happen.


Our Vision:

Prosperous lands for our growing state


Our Mission:

To unlock the potential of Crown land for all Western Australians


Our Commitment:

We will be accurate and timely

We will help find solutions

We will be transparent and fair

We will respect our land and people